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About Us

CGNL has been actively serving the international engineering community since 2003. We offer services in training, engineering consultancy and technical troubleshooting in process industry domains. Our team has been actively involved in project management services offering their expertise in niche areas like project management software, system design and complete document management solutions to the engineering industry. As strong users of project documentation and printing solutions, CGNL's effective understanding of this space lead to the launch of Copy & Print service division to serve the market in New Zealand. In 2014, Copy & Print Division started operations with the most recent and upgraded technology and equipment.

Apart from Copy & Print Services, CGNL intends to cater to the needs of all small and large firms for their digitization and virtual document storage needs. CGNL has tied up with the leading companies in India for software and system solutions for all such projects. Please feel free to write to us on [email protected] for more details and our capabilities.

Digital Printing

Photocopying / Digital Printing is our core business, and is what we have specialise in.



Our scanning service lets you create digital copies of important documents or photos.